About SMC Consulting

SMC Consulting, Inc. exceeds the standards of performance required by our clients by:

Involvement: At many consulting firms, the individuals with the impressive resumes submitted in an effort to obtain the project are not actually involved in the performance of the work. SMC dedicates its senior professionals identified within the proposals to the performance of the project.

Customized Services: As a growing small firm, SMC has the flexibility to customize our services to meet the needs of the client. SMC is capable of performing turnkey projects as well as being involved in a limited role on large, complex jobs. The adaptability of the firm is one of its strengths in building a close working relationship with the client.

Highly Skilled, Broadly Based Professionals: SMC provides qualified professionals with a broad base of knowledge who understand the impact of one segment of a project on another. Continuity of knowledge, effort, and global project understanding help eliminate discontinuity in project efforts. Efficient utilization of our professional staff and timely completion of the project goals provide cost savings to the clients.

Development of Cost-Effective Solutions: By using up-to-date electronic methods, computerized design systems, and other innovate technologies, SMC is able to operate with much less overhead than our competitors. Strategic team building and utilization of experienced experts on a contract basis result in reduced overhead costs that are passed directly to our clients through lower consulting fees.