Underground storage tank removal

SMC Consulting, Inc. was engaged to evaluate a site and remove underground storage tanks on a site that was acquired by the Texas Department of Transportation for a new highway interchange.  This new interchange is at Nasa Road 1 and Highway 45 in Clear Lake, Texas. The identification and remediation of the site were required before the construction of this much-needed overpass interchange.

SMC performed historical research on the site and identified 6 buried tanks and associated petroleum product fill and distribution lines. SMC obtained all necessary city, state and fire department permits to proceed with the tank removal. All Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations and guidelines were followed for the excavation and disposal of the tanks and contaminated soils, as well as for the proper disposal of the residual liquid materials.

The project was completed within the timeframe and budget established by the highway department and proper closure from the TCEQ was obtained for the site.  The site was accepted by the highway department and the construction of the highway overpass is currently ongoing.

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