Regional drainage improvement project

SMC Consulting, Inc. was chosen by a local municipality to perform wetland and jurisdictional waters of the US evaluations on several bayous and regional drainage facilities.  This evaluation was part of a project along the Texas Gulf Coast to alleviate flooding in the area.  Upon completion of the evaluation, SMC performed USACE Nationwide and Individual Permitting for the noted improvements.  The permitting required wetland mitigation efforts.

SMC performed the wetland mitigation design and construction for the municipality.  The mitigation area was incorporated into a city park and is now part of a nature center enjoyed by the residents.  The success of the mitigation design and construction (which also functions as part of the flood control system AND a water quality feature) has been praised by the city and the residents.  The success of this integrated land use approach has laid the foundation for future “add on” mitigation projects.  Currently, SMC is obtaining another USACE Individual Permit for the same municipality and has designed an expansion for the existing wetland mitigation area.

It is anticipated that the new Individual Permit will be obtained in the first half of 2009 and that the new Wetland Mitigation Area will be constructed in the second half of 2009. 

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