Re-routing of Carpenters Bayou

SMC Consulting, Inc. was chosen by a regional land developer to evaluate, delineate and obtain an Individual USACE Permit  for the realignment of Carpenters Bayou near Beltway 8 and Wallisville Road in east Harris County.  The project design was to re-route and improve the hydraulic capacity of Carpenters Bayou so that:  1) the final product would reduce the flooding issues and 2) certain portions of the property could be reclaimed for development.

SMC performed all of the regulatory evaluation work, obtained the USACE Individual Permit, designed the wetland mitigation (which was constructed in the base of the new channel), established the wetlands, and is currently performing the monitoring and maintenance on the subject site.

The re-routing of Carpenters Bayou  is now complete, and the development of the high-value site is ongoing.

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