Phase III | Environmental Clean Up / Closure

Upon completion of the Phase II Evaluation at a subject site, it will be known if remedial activities will be required. If required, a specific site remediation plan will be developed. This plan may include the excavation and removal of contaminated materials, the treatment in place of contaminated materials, and/or the containment of the contaminated materials. The site conditions, site materials, and proposed site usage will dictate the most time and cost effective clean up / closure. The client is an integral part of this solution development process, and the most business friendly and environmentally sound solution will be implemented.

Phase III efforts may be limited to a one time removal and disposal activity, or they may be a multiyear process of mitigating the site impacts. All viable technologies will be fully explored and the most cost effective and use sensitive solution will be implemented. Often, business drivers are supplied by the client that steer the site remediation activities to the best available solution.