Phase II | Environmental Testing, Sampling, and Evaluation

SMC Consulting, Inc. has performed hundreds of Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for sites where environmental issues / environmental contamination is a concern. Phase II ESA’s are often performed as a result of a Phase I ESA, or they may be performed on a property with a known or suspected environmental impairment. Typical Phase II site evaluations include sites that have historically been used for 1) industrial activities, 2) oil and gas exploration / production sites, 3) automobile services stations with underground storage tanks, 4) disposal sites or hazardous waste transfer sites, or 5) chemical storage or transfer facilities.

Phase II ESA’s can take a variety of forms, with evaluations tailored to the constituents of concern (COC’s) that are suspected of affecting the property. The evaluations generally include soil and groundwater sampling and laboratory analytical testing. The specific methods and testing protocols are very site specific, and extensive knowledge of the site and COC’s drives the testing protocol.

Upon receipt of the analytical results, an evaluation of the site conditions in coordination with the proposed site use is made. The types of materials encountered and the proposed land use will dictate what, if any, actions may be necessary to put the property in the proposed use. A review of all state and federal guidelines and laws will indicate if Phase III Clean Up will be necessary for the subject site.