Wetland Mitigation, Construction, Monitoring and Maintenance

A key element in the USACE Permitting Process is the enhancement, conservation, design, and/or construction of wetland mitigation.  This effort can take numerous forms from setting aside “conservation easements” to “wetlands enhancement” to creating new wetlands, or the construction or purchase into wetland mitigation banks.  SMC Consulting, Inc. has designed and constructed numerous wetland mitigation areas as required during the USACE Permitting Process.

We have designed and constructed mitigation areas that are enhancements to existing wildlife areas, areas that are used as storm water enhancement zones, areas that are used for neighborhood nature centers with associated walking paths, and areas that are part of elementary school and community park nature zones. 

If properly designed and executed, this required element of the regulatory process can be a net positive for the proposed project, often resulting in an amenity for the development that yields a net benefit for the owner.

We can design, construction, plant, enhance, monitor and maintain these natural areas.  Our approach is to perform this as in integral, turnkey service that provides a comprehensive solution to your permitting and mitigation needs.