Wetland Delineation / Permitting

SMC Consulting, Inc. personnel have performed hundreds of USACE Wetland Delineations and Permitting Activities.

SMC is a specialist in the USACE evaluation and permitting process. We review your project in lieu of the site conditions and project desires. Extensive knowledge of construction techniques and processes, as well as engineering design, allows us to “talk the language” of the designer, owner, and contractor. This comprehensive project understanding allows us to develop unique solutions and approaches to reduce or eliminate regulatory permitting difficulties.

Upon completion of the field evaluation of the site conditions, we will meet with the relevant parties to offer insight into what, if any, regulatory issues will be encountered. SMC will offer any available options to reduce the need for permitting that may delay the project construction.

If project impacts cannot be avoided, SMC will perform the required Section 10 or Section 404 permitting activities. We will work to obtain the necessary nationwide or individual permits for the project.